Welcome Home Victoria

Melissa Kurtz

Melissa is a successful and sought after real estate agent in Greater Victoria. Melissa’s clientele consists mostly of referrals and returning clients. Melissa is known for offering her clients exclusive VIP treatment and continuing patience with looking for their perfect home.

Melissa has always been heavily involved in all aspects of real estate. She has flipped homes in the past, coordinated and designed renovations, owned her own home since 23 and has a background in mortgage financing where she was before taking the next step in joining Sotheby’s International Real Estate and recently joining Pemberton Holmes. With her well-rounded experience in all areas of the industry, Melissa prides herself on being a one-stop-shop for buyers and sellers.

Melissa understands the home is a labour of love and what it takes to purchase a home, she brings an understanding that goes beyond the paperwork. Melissa understands the personal side of the transaction and is sensitive to the clients need to be informed and accommodated in the midst of a major life transition. This ability to listen has allowed her to continuously achieve her client’s goals and exceed their expectations.

Melissa was born and grew up in Victoria BC. Melissa currently resides in the Fernwood area with her gorgeous Australian Shepherd. She has a strong passion for design, running, cycling and gardening.

Grant Liebscher

“I feel grateful to have been born and raised in this beautiful City of Victoria. Having worked here in both local government and being self employed in the private sector, I thoroughly understand the value and importance of developing long-standing and trustworthy relationships built upon honesty, integrity, professionalism and proven results. I specialize in real estate sales and marketing and land development, particularly with properties that possess latent value/redevelopment potential.

City Planning and Land Development Experience 

My previous career experience includes 12 years as a City Planner with a primary focus on Land Development: I have managed hundreds of rezoning applications, Official Community Plan Amendments, Development Permits, Variance applications, and Subdivisions. I also wrote Design Guidelines, Bylaws, negotiated amenity contributions, affordable housing projects, park space allocation and other community amenities. I also have experience with ALR applications and boundary adjustments. I have and continue to provide consulting services to developers to obtain development approvals with local governments.

My vast experience of City Planning brings tremendous value to my clients. Whether you want to build an addition, rezone, understand legal encumbrances, know what your neighbourhood Official Community Plan and zoning actually allows, understand restriction on use in Development Permit Areas, address non-conformance and bylaw contravention issues, I can guide you through the maze of bureaucracy, shed light and add clarity, to make your experience and journey less stressful.

Construction and Renovations Experience

Also relevant to many of my clients is my experience in residential construction and renovations. Being a curious hands-on guy who likes to understand and know all the angles, I have a long standing hobby (and previous career) of custom woodworking, construction and renovations. From the simpler projects like installing new flooring, and building decks to more challenging projects like building greenhouses, custom oversized entry doors and furniture, to doing full kitchen and bathroom renovations, I have also handled larger projects like building my own 1000ft2 workshop almost entirely myself. These collective experiences have taught me a lot about the BC Building Code and general building best practices, and if I can’t answer my clients’ questions, I have numerous expert contacts in the industry who can.

I work hard and am committed to my clients being very well informed so they can be comfortable and feel confident going through a real estate transaction. Given my relevant and diverse background experience I have developed a good rapport with a wide range of professionals from my past careers.

Not only am I happily married to wife Melissa Kurtz, we also work together! Melissa is an award-winning Realtor with over 10 years experience and she adds additional value having previously worked in the lending industry. When I am not working, you can find me fishing, woodworking, or out on a family walk with our daughter and our Australian Shepherd, exploring the exceptional neighbourhoods and parks that Victoria has to offer.